Authentic coaching 
for leaders.

I coach creative leaders using science-backed methods, using my step-by-step process that targets the big 3: health, wealth, and relationships. I will partner with you and for you to create the life you want, full of freedom, balance, and abundance.

Nice to meet you, I'm Larissa. 

Now let's go back to 2019. For a long time, I believed I needed to change myself to be successful but eventually, I hit complete burn out.  Outwardly, I had success; inwardly, I felt lost. My coach called me out on it. She asked, "Why are you pretending to be someone you aren't? Why aren't you leading with who you REALLY are." The answer: I was scared that I would lose everything I'd built if I was really myself.

At this crossroads, I realized what I loved about my job producing in advertising was working with creatives and artists going after their dream lives. In 2021 I got an Executive Coaching Certification. I have coached Creative Directors, Film Directors, CEOs, and Producers to become leaders in their industry in a way that feels value-aligned and balanced.

I use a mix of neuroplasticity, somatic healing,  accountability, habit building strategies, and heartfelt connection to get my clients results. I promise to believe in you more than you believe in yourself.


Work with me 1:1, and book a complimentary call devoted to seeing what may be stuck in your life. On that call we will determine if we are a match.

The biggest regret dying people have is that they didn't have the courage to live an authentic life for themselves. I'm here to change that.

where would you like to start?

If you are looking for assistance re-discovering you, look no further. Larissa is the best coach!

- allison d, director of coworking

If you are looking for assistance re-discovering you, look no further. Larissa is the best coach!

- allison d, director of coworking

- allison d, director of coworking

I honestly felt more seen and supported by Larissa more than anyone else.

- Eve H, brand strageist

Larissa taught me self-care is home; it's love. And with it I'm someone I want to be every day.

- erika f, art director

Larissa is the best life coach that I have ever worked with. She has the strength and power to hold transformational containers.

- Kimber-lee a, DIRECTOR

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Tips and tricks to how I am living a more authentic lifestyle. I share personal updates and step-by-step processes to live a more balanced life. 

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